Baby Naming

Baby Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies in Bournemouth, Dorset

Whether it is a new born baby, an older or an adoptive child, a naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a child into a family. Naming ceremonies give the opportunity for you as a parent(s) to make personal promises to your child that reflect your feelings and values.

We know that for all the family a naming ceremony is a very important occasion. It’s a time of celebration of love and personal promise. The ceremony gives the opportunity for grandparents, other family members or friends to make commitments and promises to your child and to express their continuing love and support.

If you want to personalise the naming ceremony I am more than happy to help you. You might want to include the giving of a gift as part of the ceremony, or to remember an absent friend or family member by a reading.

Readings can be given by anybody present at the naming ceremony, including the child involved, or if you prefer, read by myself. As there is no legal status, naming ceremonies are very flexible.There can even be some religious content, if you wish. Naming ceremonies can be held in any venue, indoors or out (weather depending!) and at any time of day or evening, 7 days a week.

Remember you can tailor this ceremony to meet your needs.

In commemoration of this special occasion, I will present you with a Ceremony Certificate and a bound copy of the ceremony.

To speak to someone directly in regards to your needs and requirements for your Baby Naming Ceremony in Bournemouth, Dorset, then contact us today on 01202 464 808.

Hi Janice,
Thank you so much for creating and conducting such a beautiful ceremony for us on Saturday.  It was the perfect way to welcome our little Ruby into the world and our family.  Both James and I felt it was such a good way to express everything we feel and want to say but never do, as those feelings are often just thought and expected rather than said aloud.  We both found it very emotional, more so than I think we expected to.  It really made us appreciate what we have- not only our children but such loving and supportive family and friends from whom we received so many nice comments from, saying how much they enjoyed it, how they liked that it was so unique to us and that it was such a good way to celebrate our children and whole family. 
You made us feel so at ease and delivered the words with such meaning and sentiment despite having not met us before.  The addition of certificates and our own copy of the ceremony gave us something to remember it all by and we loved being able to re-read through what had been said and promised, as did our guide parents.

We really appreciated everything you delivered so thank you again.  We will definitely recommend your servcies to anyone else seeking to create a personalised and unique ceremony.

Hi Janice,
Just wanted to say thank you so much for the naming ceremony you did for Layton it was lovely :) we had so many people comment on how brilliant and special it was especially not knowing what to expect as they had never been to one before.